My Painting Practice

As a professional artist, I maintain a regular painting practice from my solo studio in Houston, Texas.

As an abstract expressionist, my canvases range in style from ethereal and fluid, with soft edges and sheer layers where paint has been applied and removed, to bold and geometric, with a chaotic interplay of stroke and color. My work resonates with those who appreciate the mystical realm and the expansive experience of the creative process.

Whether you're a private collector, corporate art curator or interior designer purchasing an independent work or commissioning a canvas, I'm available to provide guidance and information on my work, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and preferences.


Meribeth with a painting


Personal Work

My paintings contrast color, energy and form through surprising color palettes and detailed value changes. Personal works range in size from 30"x30" to 60"x60", and custom sizes are available.

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Meribeth interacting with a painting



The process for commissioning a canvas begins with a conversation and consultation to discuss your story, your space and the vision you have for the work. We'll explore the role you want the piece to play in your environment, including the size, style, orientation and placement of the painting.


Intuitive Commissions

Like a portrait painting, intuitive commissions use your energy as a guide for what appears on and through the canvas. These works provide a personal and spiritual connection to the painting, as the work serves as a physical reflection and reminder of the inner self. The process begins with a deep discussion that will serve as inspiration, prompt, and guide for the work.


Contact me to discuss a custom piece for your home or business.

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