My Approach

My Philosophy

I believe the presence of art in our lives provides both healing and inspiration. When we choose to live with a piece of art, we form a relationship with the artwork and, by extension, with the artist themselves. The energy we perceive in a work of art is a presence in our daily lives; tangible art speaks to us and gives meaning to our environments.

As collectors, we have the opportunity to create living and working spaces that are both beautiful and nourishing. The experience of art sparks our curiosity and elicits emotions and memories. As creators, we learn to be present in the moment and to become a conduit for creative energy. While we work, we overcome challenges and allow growth to happen naturally and intuitively.

In my painting, romance is not dead: There is love. There is ritual. There is courtship. There is the patience that I’ve known only in my deepest, most committed intimate relationships. Like an intimate partner, I feel a sense of loyalty, fascination and commitment to my art; it’s a beautiful love affair. My paintings represent bringing order to chaos – a unification of the masculine and the feminine. My hope is to allow my collectors to transport themselves to the place of creativity when the piece was painted and remind them that they, too, have the capacity to access this realm.


Meribeth journaling


My Creative Process

My painting process is spiritual in nature. Whether I'm creating an independent piece or a commission, I begin with a process of hollowing out to make space for intention and connection with the canvas, which allows me to begin with clear, focused energy.

My studio space provides me the freedom to move around the canvas while I work, which shows up in the finished piece. At the start of each new piece, I explore colors in my sketchbook then section-off the canvas to begin painting. While many artists move from loose to tight, dark to light, I begin with the lightest pigments before turning to the shadows. I work primarily in acrylics, due to the fast drying time that allows me to add and subtract layers and incorporate resins and texture mediums.

Throughout the process, I become a humble servant, listening to the guiding whispers and channeling creative energy, while the painting takes on a life of its own.

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