Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching

I believe we have an innate and intuitive ability for creativity. Yet as creators, we often compare our creative work – and ourselves – to the work of others, judging ourselves in the process. Sometimes we need support to release ourselves from self-doubt and tap into our own power.

Creativity coaching helps you find and claim your unique creative language, allowing for a deep level of self-acceptance and self-belief. As a creative coach, I guide you into developing your creativity and growing through artistic expression, regardless of your training or background.

Whether you have an established creative channel, or you believe you're not the "creative type," my approach can help you dismantle blocks and awaken to your power for personal growth, creativity and self-healing. It's what I call "Soul Alchemy."

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Experience Creative Awakening

Creative coaching incorporates one-on-one coaching, creative process sessions and, for established clients, energy healing, including chakra balancing, guided meditations and sound baths. Depending upon the package you choose, you may elect to dedicate more time to verbal coaching sessions, or focus your time working hands-on, painting in the studio. Creative coaching packages are always customized to your unique needs as an individual and creative being.

Sessions are customized to your unique needs as an individual and a creative being.


Make Room for Flow: Coaching

Throughout our process, I'll share my techniques as an artist to help you set an intention for your work, which will become a symbol of your commitment to personal transformation. Through the exploration and development of your creative channels, I'll guide you through the process of releasing embedded and stagnant energy to make room for focused and fluid engagement with the canvas.


Get Hands-On: Painting Sessions

In-person creative process sessions are hands-on. Private painting sessions, geared specifically for painters developing their work in abstract expressionism, cover color selection and custom mixing; technique and application; pro-tips; tools and supplies; workspace set-up; and pre-painting meditation rituals. In our time in the studio, you’ll expand and build on your skills as an abstract expressionist through practical guidance combined with transformational coaching.


Go Pro: The Business of Art

I offer informational sessions for clients interested in learning the first steps to take to become a professional artist. Business basics include branding, social media, inventory systems, how to ship a painting, pricing, licensing and creating a body of work.


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Pricing and Packages

All sessions are designed to meet you where you are on your creative journey, whether you’re just beginning on your path or you’re an established artist.


Creative Coaching – $175/hour

Creative coaching begins with a 90-minute discovery session; subsequent sessions are 60 minutes in length. Coaching is a great way to begin our work together before moving on to hands-on painting sessions.


Purchase a Coaching Package

90-minute Discovery Session: $262.50

60-minute Coaching Session: $175


Painting Sessions – $225/hour

Due to set-up time and painting preparation, in-studio painting lessons are best experienced when scheduled in two- or three-hour increments. Please bring your own paints, tools and canvases to our hands-on creative sessions. Please inquire if you need a supplies list!


Purchase a Painting Package

6-hour, Full-Day Personal Workshop: $1,350

Two, 3-hour Painting Sessions: $1,350

Three, 2-hour Painting Sessions: $1,350


The Business of Art – $175/hour

Business of Art sessions are typically one-time overview and guidance sessions to get you started on your path, with follow-up as needed along the way!


Purchase a Business of Art Session

60-minute Guidance Session: $175



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